What Can I Expect to Pay For My Dental Implants?

When you’re faced with the possibility of having to have your natural teeth extracted and replaced by either dentures or dental implants, you may not know what to decide at first. There are some important things that go into this choice, like whether you want to go through more procedures, and most importantly, what your budget looks like.

Getting fitted for dentures is a one-time affair that will be a much lower price than you should be expecting to pay for dental implants. Implants are the most expensive choice between the two, but they have some of their own advantages over dentures, as well. To accurately be able to decide if implants might be a good choice for you and your budget, then knowing the single tooth implant cost north charleston average is will be a great place to start.

The Price of Implants

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The important thing to remember when you get dental implants is that you aren’t paying a flat fee for all of the implants, but rather per implant. Dental implants are definitely going to be on the more expensive side of the price spectrum for people who are facing this choice.

On average, replacing a single tooth with a dental implant could cost around $3000 on the low end, to $4500 or more on the high end. Remember that this price is per implant, so if you are getting several (or all) of your teeth extracted, then this price could really start to stack up. If price is the deciding factor when it comes to your options, then the most economical choice is to go with dentures.

However, if you can afford it and don’t mind undergoing a few more procedures, dental implants can be much more rewarding. They completely replace your natural teeth, they don’t have to be taken out, and they can be brushed and taken care of just like their natural counterparts, so if you do choose to go with implants, do so knowing you will be able to go back to showing off your beautiful smile again in no time at all.