The Importance of Tick Control

Ticks are insects that spread disease and can cause you and your pets lifelong health issues.  The tick is a parasite that will attach itself to you and your pets and suck your blood.  In the mouth of the tick will be sharp teeth that will bite into the skin and release a numbing agent that will release poison into your blood stream.  This poison can cause illness such as lime disease.

With the tick being such a menace, you really need to focus on tick control hudson to get rid of them.  If they are not maintained and ultimately destroyed, then they could be uncontrollable.  To help prevent issues with ticks you will want to follow some of these steps.

Watch where you travel

You want to watch where you travel.  Ticks like to live in tall grass or unkempt areas such as fields.  When you walk through these fields they will attach themselves to your skin, clothing or other areas.  Once they attach, they will start to cause damage.

Remove standing water

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The next thing that you want to do is remove standing water.  When it rains and when you have large bodies of water near grassy areas you are creating the perfect environment for ticks.  When you have a rainstorm, check for puddles and other standing water.  Remove this water as quickly as you can and stay away from that area if at all possible.

Watch pets and kids

You want to really pay attention to your kids and pets.  Pets such as dogs and cats will roam out into the areas where ticks live and the ticks can get caught up in their hair or fur.  This can then result in them getting bitten or transmitting the ticks to you and your family.

Start now

If tick season starts then you want to get started right away.  You want to always be vigilant however, since you never know where they are or where others have been.