Deciding On The Perfect Screened In Area For Your Home

As a homeowner you will want to create the perfect space for you and your family.  As such, you will want to create an area where you can sit, relax, have the kids play and just where you will have life happen.  For many people this is going to be an enclosed room that has access to the outside.  These are typically known as sunrooms.  When creating a sunroom, you want to really consider, what types of sunrooms west chicago will fit your needs.

Home Sunrooms

A home sunroom is a sunroom that is a part of the house without any enclosure doors.  You can walk in and out freely without having to open or close doors.  This is good if you want to have steps or other features that will make having a door difficult.


types of sunrooms west chicago

A solarium is a great option if you want everything made out of glass.  This includes the walls and ceiling.  If you have a lot of space and privacy, then a solarium is a good option for you

Four-Season Rooms

A four-season room is a room that is designed to be heated and cooled all year round.  This will use the heating and cooling systems for het rest of the house.  The physical appearance will be the same in most cases, but the primary difference is that it is designed to be used comfortably all year round.

Screened-In Porches

Finally, you have the screened in porch.  The screened in porch is the most basic of enclosures.  It will take the external porch that you currently have and build a roof and install windows or screened in areas.  This will allow you to have a protective barrier when coming in and out of your home.

Determining which is the best for you, will take time and consideration.  However, now that you know the subtle differences, you can work on getting the perfect room for your needs.