Choosing the Right Bathtub: A Style Guide

Are you looking to make your bathroom look better? One way you can make the bathroom look better than ever before is by replacing your bathtub with a brand new one. An outdated bathtub can make the space look tired and rundown, so refreshing the space with a new addition can do wonders.

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The style of bathtub makes a large difference, so let’s go over some of the styles you can choose from when picking out a bathtub for your contemporary bathroom design lake villa.


Freestanding bathtubs are very popular and for good reason. They can fit into pretty much any available space and they don’t require any connecting walls. Freestanding tubs are also a nice centerpiece for bathrooms and are aesthetically pleasing.


A regular bathtub is classic and was popular throughout the 1800s. While it used to feature a clawfoot, modern designs are more sleek and do not include pegged claws. Classic regular tubs are typically rectangular and require a bit of space to ensure they fit comfortably in the room.


Oval bathtubs are just as classic as regular and clawfoot tubs. They are symmetrical and round in shape, giving them a look that mimics a water basin. Smaller homes can fit oval tubs with no issues, as they fit into the space and can be a good contrast to sharp corners in bathrooms.


A soaking tub can also be referred to as a Japanese style tub and is either shaped like an oval or a circle. These tubs are generally taller than the average bathtub, allowing you to rest comfortably and soak. They can be quite wide, so you will need to have the space available in the home for one.

There are even more styles of bathtub, which you can look at while figuring out what you want specific to your own bathroom. Once you’ve decided on a style, you can work on other accents in the room.